Asked Questions.


Are IHD courses recognised?

All CCC courses have been designed to meet high industry standards. Experts deliver CCC courses from all over the world. Therefore, it is impossible to seek formal accreditation from each specific industry body within each country. CCC course writers and presenters are at the top of their field and considered to be international experts within their specific fields. This ensures that courses and workshops should meet the requirements of industry organisations for further education purposes.


Do I need to become a member to access courses?

No, CCC is about keeping it simple and ethical. We do not require you to join as a member and then offer you layered memberships that limit access to courses or require you to fill in a profile page so that we can target you with emails. Nor do we want your credit card details to take a monthly payment hoping you will forget about the payments. 

You just click on the course you want to complete and then pay one single price.  That’s it, no ongoing financial commitments. We know you will be back if the course you choose meets your needs and expectations. 


Do I receive a document showing I have completed a course or workshop?

Yes! All CCC courses come with a formal assessment process. Upon completing your course’s mandatory assessment component, you will be issued with a downloadable Certificate of Attainment that includes your name, the course title, the course duration (in hours), and other relevant details.


How are CCC courses delivered?

IHD is an online educator; our courses are delivered online via the world wide web.


Are all courses the same?

No, CCC has three types of courses.

1.        Video-based education workshops which are pre-recorded workshops delivered by one of our many experts. These high-quality videos are designed to complement professionals knowledge and skills as ongoing education. 

2.        Text-based courses that include a range of learning materials and resources such as readings, assessment questions, handouts and other supplemental resources. These courses will give you new skills and knowledge in a wide variety of subjects.

3.        Skills-based video courses. These courses are designed and delivered by industry experts to professionally teach students new skills and knowledge that can be used in professional settings.


Are CCC presenters and course designers qualified?

Absolutely! Each CCC course designer and presenter is an expert in the subject matter they deliver. They are each professionally accredited, licenced/registered/credentialed in their field of expertise.