The Journey & Wisdom of a Blind Counsellor: An Interview with David Chittenden

with David Chittenden & Tracey Milson

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The Journey & Wisdom of a Blind Counsellor: An Interview with David Chittenden

Tracey Milson sits down for an enlightening interview with David Chittenden, a blind counsellor whose journey defies limitations and inspires hope. Through his remarkable narrative, David shares the story of his origin and his unique perspective as a blind counsellor.

In this captivating conversation, David takes us on a journey through his life, from the challenges he faced as a blind individual to the triumphs that shaped his path. With candor and resilience, he recounts the pivotal moments that led him to pursue a career in counselling, defying stereotypes and societal expectations along the way.

As David delves into his experience as a blind counsellor, viewers gain profound insights into the alternative perspectives he brings to his practice. While he may not be able to see his clients, David's heightened sense of hearing allows him to detect nuances in their voices, revealing emotions and reactions that may go unnoticed by sighted counsellors. He describes the subtle shifts in tone, the hesitations, and the pauses, all of which provide valuable cues in understanding his clients on a deeper level.

David highlights the importance of empathy and active listening in his counselling approach. By honing his auditory skills and attuning himself to the nuances of speech, he creates a safe and supportive space for his clients to express themselves fully, free from judgment or prejudice.

This course is made up of two components: 
      - A video component (1hr17mins)
      - An assessment component (multiple choice questions)

Upon the completion of this training, you will receive a Digital Certificate of Completion

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