Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and bringing HOPE to the Wider Community

With Kerrie Atherton

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Mental Health - Breaking the Stigma and bringing HOPE to the Wider Community

Join Kerrie Atherton in her course: "Mental Health - Breaking the Stigma and Bringing HOPE to the Wider Community." This course aims to dismantle misconceptions surrounding mental health conditions while instilling hope and fostering a supportive community.

Definition, Explanation, Statistics of Mental Health Conditions:
Begin with a comprehensive exploration of mental health, providing a clear understanding of various conditions. Delve into the nuances of mental health, supported by relevant statistics, to foster awareness and debunk prevailing myths.

Navigate the intricate landscape of anxiety disorders, understanding the diverse manifestations, and acquiring tools to recognize and support those experiencing anxiety-related challenges.

Unpack the complexities of depression, exploring its impact on individuals and society. Gain insights into recognizing signs, promoting empathy, and fostering an environment conducive to healing.

Substance Abuse and Psychosis: 
Examine the intersection of substance abuse and psychosis, unraveling the intricate relationship between these two often interconnected challenges. Understand the impact on mental health and explore avenues for support and recovery.

HOPE for Mental Health:
Transition to the heart of the course, where Kerrie Atherton illuminates the path to hope for mental health. Through inspiring stories, practical strategies, and uplifting insights, discover how individuals, communities, and society at large can contribute to breaking the stigma and fostering an environment of hope and understanding.

Embark on a transformative journey as Kerrie Atherton guides you through the complexities of mental health. Equip yourself with knowledge, compassion, and the tools to make a positive impact, fostering a community that not only breaks the stigma but also brings hope to those navigating the challenges of mental health conditions.

This course is made up of two components: 
      - A video component (1hr03mins)
      - An assessment component (multiple choice questions)

Upon the completion of this training, you will receive a Digital Certificate of Completion

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