Gottman's Sound Relationship House in Practice

With Patricia Purnell-Webb

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Gottman's Sound Relationship House in Practice

Join Patricia Purnell-Webb, a distinguished Clinical Psychologist, Couples Therapist, Author, Coach, and Trainer in this comprehensive online course. Patricia presents an in-depth exploration of Gottman's Sound Relationship House in Practice. Participants will gain valuable insights into John Gottman's renowned research and learn to implement the Sound Relationship House model in practical ways. Through a step-by-step approach, Patricia offers a wealth of interventions designed to assist couples experiencing relationship distress, all grounded in the principles of the Gottman Method.

Benefits of Developing Knowledge in Gottman's Sound Relationship House:

  1. Enhanced Clinical Skills: Participants will develop a deeper understanding of Gottman's research and the Sound Relationship House model, enhancing their clinical proficiency in couples therapy and relationship counselling.
  2. Effective Interventions: By learning various interventions based on the Sound Relationship House model, practitioners can offer targeted and evidence-based support to couples, leading to more positive outcomes and improved relationship satisfaction.
  3. Increased Confidence: As participants gain competence in applying Gottman's principles, they will experience a boost in confidence in their ability to address relationship distress and facilitate meaningful change in couples' lives.
  4. Professional Growth: Engaging with Patricia Purnell-Webb's expertise and the Gottman Method offers an opportunity for ongoing professional development, expanding practitioners' toolkit and advancing their career in the field of couples therapy and relationship counselling.
  5. Client Satisfaction: Equipped with the knowledge and skills acquired in this course, participants can better meet the needs of their clients and contribute to fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships, ultimately leading to increased client satisfaction and retention.

This course is made up of two components: 
      - A video component (1hr03mins)
      - An assessment component (multiple choice questions)

Upon the completion of this training, you will receive a Digital Certificate of Completion

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