About Me

I am self employed as lead counsellor for LIFE: ENHANCED THERAPIES, Bundaberg. I also work as a clinical nurse for QLD Health.

"Compassionate, understanding, non-judgemental, realistic and invested are some of the words I use to describe myself when it comes to working with my clients.

I have always had a passion for helping people reach their full potential and look forward to helping you thrive"

LIFE: ENHANCED THERAPIES, Bundaberg aims to help people to work towards their best selves. We will work with you to support you emotional and mental health or nursing needs and assist you to work towards goals and improved outcomes. We want all out clients to receive the best treatment possible with dignity, respect, safety and care.

We are dedicated to ongoing professional development to continuously enhance the services we can deliver and to help our clients the best ways we can.

We believe that each client is unique, valuable and deserves a professional service.

I hope you enjoy the seminar I put together with CCC.

NDIS & Counselling Services

With Michaela Rizqallah

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Michaela Rizqallah
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